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Mobile Home Transport  | J & N Mobile Home Transport Service

Whether the trip is local or cross-country, along a straightaway or over country roads and hills, J & N Mobile Home...

Office Transport  | J & N Mobile Home Transport Service

More than just a manufactured and mobile home transport company, J & N Mobile Home Transport Service can also assist...

Mobile Home Moving  | J & N Mobile Home Transport Service

Teardown and setup of a mobile home can be nerve-wracking, but J & N Mobile Home Transport Service has the know-how...

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J & N Mobile Home Transport Service proudly provides moving services in Wichita, Kansas and surrounding areas, cities, and states. As experts in the business, we can help you understand the entire process:

This process includes:

• Planning and preparation stages and tips
• Teardown and preparation of the structure at its existing location
• Transportation permits and licenses
• Block, level, tie-down and setup of structure at its new location

More than just a transport company, J & N Mobile Home Transport Service has the equipment and expertise to handle every detail of your move. Because we own our own transport vehicles and equipment, we are prepared for moves of every kind.

We specialize in:

Transport - Manufactured, mobile, or modular homes, or on-site job office transport, we handle it all. We can perform local or cross-country moves, and have our own certified pilot car for escort service, to ensure the safest move possible.

Large Structures - In addition to standard-width homes, we can also transport doublewide, triplewide, or almost any combination of multiple-section manufactured or modular homes.

Move-Related Services - We are pros at teardown of the structure at the existing site, and setup at your new site, and we offer additional services such as utility hookups, skirting, and stairs.

Home Sales - We also maintain, renovate, buy, sell and trade mobile and manufactured homes. We can dispose of mobile homes if needed, and we pay cash for newer models.

Modern manufactured and modular homes and offices are reinforced with steel beams, so they are designed for transport. But moving is tricky business—the size and weight of the building alone makes it an unwieldy job. Many home fixtures and features do not travel well without extra safeguards, reinforcement or removal in preparation for the trip. Left to an inexperienced transport service, the results can be disastrous.

If you are getting ready to move in or around Wichita, KS, contact J & N Mobile Home Transport Service. Put the weight of moving your home or office on our shoulders!