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Mobile Home Moving - From Beginning To End

Mobile Home Moving  | J & N Mobile Home Transport Service - Wichita, KS

Teardown and setup of a mobile home can be nerve-wracking, but J & N Mobile Home Transport Service has the know-how to get the job done, and we are here to help. Once you take care of a few pre-move details, you can leave mobile home moving to us.

Before the Move

Give advance notice to terminate your current lot lease and utilities before your move-out date. Have utility connections professionally removed so that it is done safely, properly, and completely. Verify property taxes are paid to ensure you’ll be able to obtain a moving permit, and then get the permit early.

Prepare the interior and exterior of your home. A moving home gets shaken, bumped, and windblown, so anything not secured or removed may get damaged or lost. Remove all glass if possible, and secure doors and fixtures. To lighten the load and prevent damage, remove furniture and belongings. If you are handy, remove the skirting from around the home.

At your new site, double-check all lot measurements to confirm your home will actually fit there. Rough out a plan for exact home placement on the site, accounting for things like hookups, parking, shade or weather. Diagram where utilities are so you don’t rupture a gas or water line—as a homeowner, you are responsible for damage.

Clear the new site of obstructions like trees, rocks and vegetation, and establish drainage so water cannot pass or stand under the home. Become familiar with local code requirements for utility installation so you aren’t hindered by utility connections on move-in day.

The Move: Teardown and Setup

Before transport, as professional installers, J & N Mobile Home Transport Service detaches carports and decks, frees the home from its tie-downs, jacks it up, and installs or secures the tongue, axles, and tires for transport. If you haven’t removed the skirting or secured interior and exterior fixtures, we can do that too.

After mobile home moving transport and delivery, setup begins. We “block and level” your home so it’s properly aligned and square on its new foundation and its weight is evenly distributed according to code. We anchor it to the ground by its tie-downs under the home. Tires, axles, and tongue are removed or prepared for storage. Decks, stairs, or carports can then be installed according to building codes. Use professionals to hook up utilities. An inspection may be required before utilities can be turned on.

To finish, we can reinstall the track and skirting, repair any minor damage that may have occurred in transit and reinstall any fixtures or breakables that were removed. Then just bring in your furniture and you’re home!

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