Mobile Home Transport

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Mobile Home Transport - Local Or Cross-Country

Mobile Home Transport  | J & N Mobile Home Transport Service - Wichita, KS

Whether the trip is local or cross-country, along a straightaway or over country roads and hills, J & N Mobile Home Transport Service is the right company for your move. Once we load the home onto our toter, we make sure your mobile home transport proceeds carefully but efficiently, using our certified pilot car for escort service, as needed for safety. We take special care to avoid or minimize any damage that may occur in transit.

J & N Mobile Home Transport Service plans ahead for the best transport route, taking road conditions, bridge load capacities, and overhead clearances into account. We avoid obstructions like low overpasses, trees or hanging wires, and work with utility companies as needed for safe passage. We also avoid steep slopes and winding roads to the greatest extent possible. We ensure deliveries to the new home or office site are staged such that building installations can be easily accomplished.

While in transit, we return all calls promptly in order to answer any questions or address concerns. We understand the importance of good communication, so for your peace of mind, we want you to be able to get in touch with us at all times.

If the unavoidable does occur and an accident causes damage to your home (or to property along the transport route), we are insured. We can answer any questions you have about coverage amounts and liability. Remember to talk to your own insurance agent to satisfy any insurance requirements your lender may have. It’s important to fully understand your mobile home insurance and trade-offs before the move.

It takes skill and commitment to provide a successful mobile home transport, and J & N Mobile Home Transport Service has both. Call us for your next move!